Vacuum Loader

Featured with high sucking capacity, the Vacuum Conveying System is useful for collecting powder based as well as granular substances in order to convey these towards its receiving section. Equipped with metal filter and ejector pump with multi stage operation, this precisely designed equipment uses compressed air for its sucking function. The special design of its titanium made filter is completely blockage proof. Notable for its modular design, this equipment can be maintained and cleaned easily. Low vibration and noise level, less operation cost, rust proof components and low energy consumption rate are some of the key attributes of this Vacuum Conveying System.


1) The entire structure of this machine is made of rust proof stainless steel.
2) It uses sucking method to transfer dry granular and powder based substances via pipeline.
3) Long working life.
4) Ease of maintenance.
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Pneumatic Vacuum Loader

Pneumatic Vacuum Loaders are utilized for exchange the fine granules. Mass plastic materials, non sticky powders and resin conveying from place to place through vacuum pressure. We are producing single loader and unified different loader framework for material transfer from different sources.

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Vacuum Loader

Price: 35,000 INR/Piece
  • Delivery Time:1 Days
  • Supply Ability:5-10 Per Week

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