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Industrial Blowers
CLEANTEK industrial blowers are designed and developed for several industrial applications, such as dust collection, fume extraction, drying, washing, cleaning, dust blow off, etc. The range of blowers encompasses agitation blower, centrifugal air blower, ring blower, regenerative blower and more.
Vacuum Loader
CLEANTEK vacuum conveying system encompasses vacuum loader, flux recovery unit, pneumatic vacuum loader, and vacuum conveyer machine. This system makes use of compressed air for sucking function. SS make system transfers powder and granular substances through pipeline.
Hopper Loader
CLEANTEK hopper loader for industrial use is an equipment that regulates conveying and feeding of powder based substance. Vacuum airflow conveying mechanism is the working principle of this equipment.
Air Blowers
The offered Air Blowers are made available by us for use in the various commercial and industrial applications. They have different sizes, types and designs for efficient and durable performance. They are easy to install and operate as per the need.
Downdraft Table
CLEANTEK downdraft table is highly demanded in automotive, power & energy, aerospace, pharma, leather, valves manufacturing and many other industries, to maintain a clean and dust free environment. The hazardous particles generated during the processes are captured and filtered by this system.
Vacuum Motor
CLEANTEK vacuum motor designed and developed in-house is mainly used in the vacuum cleaner as well as other suction devices. This compact vacuum motor is easy to install, operate and maintain.
Filter Bag
CLEANTEK dust collector filter bag offered is made of fiberglass or polyester. Due to the high resistance and versatility, this bag can be used in water treatment plant, steel plant, metallurgy unit and molding unit.
Paint Mixing Booth
CLEANTEK paint mixing booth developed by us is used for preventing release of harmful and hazardous vapors in the air upon mixing paint. The applications of this booth are spray paint dust extraction, small components painting, fasteners painting, automotive painting, etc.
Air Knife System
CLEANTEK air knife system manufactured in-house is available in more than five sizes. This is generally used for industrial applications, such as blowing off dust, cooling, drying, removing excess oil, liquid, etc., in packaging industries.
Flux Recovery Unit
The offered Flux Recovery Unit removes unused flux, slag, or fused particles from the work and separates the slag-free flux into a hopper for future use. It is made available by us for efficient use and is very durable.
Cleaning Equipment
The offered Cleaning Equipment is made available by us for use in the various industrial and commercial applications. The equipments include the various items that are needed for effective cleaning of various places.

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